What Is Stopping Brands from Adopting Selective Distribution? Three Common Myths Dispelled

by Becket McGrath

Selective distribution offers brands a ready-made and well established means of ensuring that their products are sold in a consistent and high-quality sales environment across Europe. It does so by limiting sales of a brand’s products to a network of resellers that meet its specified selective distribution criteria, with all others placed on the other side of the network’s protective moat. Resellers who commit to support a brand, for example through investment in point of sale materials, marketing spend, or staff training, are rewarded, while access to products by less committed retailers is cut off. As a result, the brand’s products are presented in the best light and competition between brands is enhanced.

Read Becket’s full ‘Brand Licensing’ article from Wolters Kluwer‘s October 2020 edition of The Licensing Journal here.

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