Environmental Sustainability

Euclid Law has developed a specialisation in Environmental Competition Law in recent years, making our firm’s leaders sought-after thought leaders in the field.

This specialization was borne from our conviction that we face an undeniable climate emergency. Urgent action to limit climate change is needed and ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option, which means competition law needs to adapt accordingly. 

As such, we believe that traditional approaches to competition law issues related to environmental protection require urgent updating and proactive leadership, particularly on the following issues:

  • Restrictions on state aid and cooperation between competitors requires moderation or – at least – an enhanced ability to take into account environmental benefits in assessing their impact on competition and suitability for potential exemption. 
  • The current method of assessing sustainability initiatives is complex, cumbersome and uncertain. There is a dire need for greater clarity and guidance. 
  • A much more holistic approach to environmental and sustainability issues, spanning all aspects of EU and UK competition law, is urgently required to boost European and UK efforts in order to address the climate crisis.

In light of the above Euclid Law has been developing new approaches to environmental issues and competition law. This involves thought leadership at the frontier, as well as initiating and leading proactive, open and constructive dialogue around law and public policy between our clients and regulators.

Our commitment to developing new approaches to the intersection between the environment and competition law is demonstrated in thought leader articles such as these:

Client Leadership

Our pioneering approach to environmental issues and competition law is evidenced in our past work for EU and UK organisations such as EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance) and WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme). Both are leaders in developing policy towards recycling, packaging and reducing waste.

We have also been at the forefront of advising BP (British Petroleum) on some of the recent challenges along its ambitious journey to net zero. In particular, we have advised BP Pulse, one of the largest electric vehicle charging companies in the UK (owned by BPm), on its response to the UK Competition & Markets Authority’s market study into Electric Vehicle Charging.

Internal Leadership

We strive to maintain an environmentally sustainable approach in our firm culture. Some of the ways Euclid Law strives towards sustainability on a day-to-day basis include:

  • We aspire to be a fully digital, paperless firm with minimal waste and optimal recycling processes. 
  • We embrace new technology and reject traditional office ways of working in favour of a modern, hybrid approach. 
  • While the Covid-19 pandemic has served to accelerate our move towards hybrid working, Euclid Law was already ahead of the curve in encouraging our team to work remotely. This has actively discouraged presenteeism, while the reduced commuting has led to a lower carbon footprint.

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