Cartels, Collusion and Corporate Governance: Is Gender the missing link?

In recognition of International Women’s Day 2021, and following on from the OECD’s workshop on Gender Inclusive Competition Policy, Sarah Long spoke at the Centre of European Law’s lunchtime webinar on Wednesday 10 March focused on Competition Law and Gender, alongside Professor William Kovacic and Dr. Chris Pike. 

One of the topics at the OECD’s workshop explored the relationship between collusion and the diversity of corporate boards and senior management, and considered whether a lack of diversity facilitates collusion and preserves cartel stability. In Sarah’s presentation she discussed the initial findings from the OECD research, considered the practical implications for corporate governance and compliance programs, drew some parallels with successful gender focused initiatives in other areas, and provided some insight into what Gender Lens Competition Compliance may involve. 

You can find a copy of the slides here

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